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Yay!! Tapos na finals!! Hello buddy @angelruby at hello sa long sembreak!! Hohoho 😊🎊 #nofilter

Yay!! Tapos na finals!! Hello buddy @angelruby at hello sa long sembreak!! Hohoho 😊🎊 #nofilter

Oh Lord, you’re the sweetest.. ☺️

In everything I do, may You be the one who is always glorified. I want people to see Christ in me.. not because I am great but because I am humbled. 

Feeling so much love from the Lord right now. :)

#servant #Godsprincess ©

Oh Lord, you’re the sweetest.. ☺️

In everything I do, may You be the one who is always glorified. I want people to see Christ in me.. not because I am great but because I am humbled.

Feeling so much love from the Lord right now. :)

#servant #Godsprincess ©


Lang Leav on instagram


Lang Leav on instagram

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People are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes.
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I got this from a friend who was reading majority of the Elsword forums.


Japanese Government Enforcing Anti-Piracy Law on Anime and Manga
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thank god i dont stream anime but kissmanga being taken down along with the top 5 torrent sites are me taking a massive hit my gatdamn…fhgrgrgrgrh

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even this very young specimen of cat has already mastered the “I totally meant to do that” save.




even this very young specimen of cat has already mastered the “I totally meant to do that” save.


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Appreciate what you have right now, because you don’t always get a second chance.


Seek God All The Time
by Joyce Meyer

Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you. —Matthew 7:7

In 2 Chronicles 20, King Jehoshaphat proclaimed a fast to show his sincerity to God. Missing a few meals and taking that time to seek God is not a bad idea. Turning the television off and spending the time you would normally spend watching it with God is not a bad idea either. Stay home a few evenings and spend extra time with the Lord instead of going out with your friends and repeating your problem over and over to them. These things and others show that we know hearing from God is vital.

I have learned the word seek means to pursue, crave, and go after with all your might. In other words, we act like a starving man in search of food to keep us alive. I would also like to add that we need to seek God all the time not just when we are in trouble. Once God spoke to me that the reason so many people had problems all the time was because that was the only time they would seek Him. He showed me that if He removed the problems, He would not get any time with the people. He said, “Seek Me as if you were desperate all the time and then you won’t find yourself desperate as often in reality.” I think this is good advice, and I highly recommend that we all follow it.

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A million feelings. A thousand thoughts. A hundred memories. All for one person.
Nung nabasa ko ‘to ulit.. Naalala ko kung bakit sa PLM ako nag-aaral ngayon. Lahat ng panalangin ko sa Diyos at ang dahilan kung bakit ko dapat pagbutihin. Dito ako nararapat. Dito Niya ‘ko gustong mapunta.

Date: April 19, 2013. Friday.
Time: 12:25 AM

HAHHHHH!!! My emotions are seriously unexplainable right now. I don’t know if I’m excited or what. I’m really nervous! >___<

Later at 1:30 PM.. I will be going to Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) to have my entrance exam. Originally, I was planning to take exam at Centro Escolar University of Manila (CEU) but for some reasons I was convinced not to. I decided to take an entrance exam on PLM rather than CEU. I think it is a wiser decision and not a waste of time..

Yesterday, when we got to PLM I didn’t know that it was the last day given for high school graduates to file a registration for them to have a permit that will allow them to take an exam. This special exam is only given to students who graduated as Valedictorian or as a Salutatorian. I am very lucky because when I registered, the registrar said that there are only 10 slots left. Gaaahhh!!! Thank You Lord. Thank You very very much. Being there at the last day of filing was such a miracle. I didn’t really know that yesterday was the last day and today is already the day to take the exam.

I am very nervous at the moment. It’s 12:43 AM and I still can’t sleep!!!!!

Lord God.. Please help me. Guide me on taking my exam today. Every answer that I will write on that exam.. May it have your guidance. The pen that I will use, bless it by your grace. Give me enough knowledge to answer my entrance exam on PLM. May I have the wisdom that I need.. The courage and also the perseverance. You, Lord, is the only One I trust. I know that You love me and will never leave me especially on this trials that I’m going through. Lord Jesus, I will not and never doubt You. I will trust you with all my heart. Though I am not worthy of Your blessings.. I still trust You. Please use me, my body, my life, my soul, for your will. May I do things according to Your great plan for me.

If PLM is the school that You choose for me.. I will accept it wholeheartedly. I will not say anything or do anything against the school and I will do my best to make You proud of me Lord. I will use the talent that You gave me in order to give You praise. I will praise You Lord in everything that I do. I will do my best for You Lord. Only for You.

I am not worthy but still You bless me so much and I am very thankful. I am sorry for disappointing You for so many times. Sorry for breaking Your heart over and over again because of my sins and my wrong doings. I am deeply sorry my Lord.

If PLM is not the school that You choose for me.. I will accept it. I know that You only want what’s best for me. This is a promise Lord Jesus. A promise between You and me.. The very first entrance exam that I will pass.. I will consider it the sign. From that, I will know, that school is where I belong. It is where You choose me to do my purpose. School is not important anymore for me.. Anywhere I go.. I will always praise You in everything I do. I will be a living testimony.

Thank You for blessing me. I trust You and Your plans. Plans not to harm but to prosper me. I still hope, that I can find the University where You want me to be.

Thank You so much for everything. I will sleep now because I feel comfortable with what will happen later. I know that You’re with me all the way. I love You my King, my Father, my Lord.


Isa ako sa mga taong takot sa madidilim o masisikip na lugar. Yung tipong sumikip lang eh pakiramdam mo mamamatay ka na, claustrophobic kumbaga. Makita ko palang tong mga picture na ‘to parang hindi na ako makahinga :( 

Hindi ko talaga alam kung kelan ‘to nagsimula eh. Pero nalaman kong claustrophobic ako nung field trip (fourth year high school). May pinuntahan kaming isang lugar.. Hindi ko matandaan yung lugar pero para siyang isang tower. Napakaliit ng pasukan niya at yun lang ang way para makapasok at makalabas. At first, I was relaxed and enjoying the moment. Syempre field trip yun eh isa pa huli na yun kasi graduating nga kami. Air-conditioned din sa loob kaya hindi ka rin matatakot. Pag pasok namin sa loob, ang ganda nung place. Lahat nakapila.. Lumilibot. Pero habang padami ng padami yung pumapasok.. Wala namang nakakalabas samin. Kasi nga maliit lang yung daanan at iisa lang yung way papasok at palabas nung lugar na yun. Hanggang sa naipon na kami lahat palabas. Napunta ako sa isang corner.. Nasisiksik ng mga classmate ko. Nung una hindi ko pinapansin pero ang lakas ng tibok ng puso ko. Kabadong kabado ako nung panahon na yun. Hindi ako mapakali, nakakabaliw. Malakas naman yung aircon kaya hindi nman ako dapat maubusan ng hangin. Pero hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi ako makahinga nung time na yun. Takot na takot ako kasi ang sikip nung pwesto ko. Pakiramdam ko hindi na ako makakalabas.. Yung tipong gusto ko tumagos sa dingding na katabi ko makalabas lang ako sa lugar na yun. Hanggang sa umiyak ako ng umiyak nagdidilim yung paningin ko hindi na talaga ako makahinga. Pakiramdam ko nanghihina na talaga ako :( Waaaaaaa! Nakakatakot yung experience na yun!

Nagtataka ako kung bakit sila sobrang relax lang na naghihintay maubos yung mga pumapasok para makalabas kami.. Buti nalang napansin ako nung iba kong classmate. Tinulungan nila ako maunang makalabas sa lugar na yun kahit napakadaming tao. Pinunta nila ako sa field.. Kung saan maluwag at makakalanghap ako ng sariwang hangin.

Siguro nagsimula akong maging claustrophobic nung palagi ako nagtatago sa ilalim ng kama namin? Dati, madalas umalis sila mama at papa. Sa twing pagdating nila, tumatakbo ako sa ilalim ng kama para magtago. Di ko alam kung bakit? Para magpamiss siguro? Haha! Iniisip ko kapag hinanap na nila ako tska ako lalabas. Kaso sa twing nagsusuot ako sa ilalim ng kama.. Lahat ng kapatid ko nagsisisunuran. Hanggang sa ako, napupunta sa pinakadulo. Sa ilalim ng kama dun sa pinakamadilim na parte, nakadikit sa dingding. Walang makita kundi likod ng nakaharang sa akin. Wala akong malabasan. Hindi ako pwedeng lumabas bigla kasi lahat sila nag-uunahan pumunta sa ilalim ng kama habang pasikip ng pasikip. Nakakatakot. Pakiramdam ko mamamatay ako.

Ngayong college, dalawang beses na akong inatake ng sakit na ‘to. Nitong huli hinimatay talaga ako. Kakatapos lang ng General Assembly namin nun. Lahat ng estudyante palabas ng Auditorium. Haha, grabeng sikip talaga nun kasi nasa madilim na lugar ka na nga nasa gitna ka pa ng mga estudyanteng lahat gusto makalabas na. Di ko na alam kung ano nangyari nun basta nagising nalang ako nasa school clinic na. 

Grabe yung pakiramdam. Manood lang ako ng mga movies, yung tipong nagsusuot sila sa masisikip na lugar. O di kaya nakakulong sila sa isang kwarto na pataas ng pataas yung tubig.. Lalo na kapag ulo nalang talaga nila yung hindi pa nakalubog sa tubig. Waaaaaaa!!! Grabe ayoko na isipin naninikip yung dibdib ko. Haha!

Pano ba ‘to gagaling? Hays. Sobrang takot at kaba yung lagi kong nararanasan. Sana hindi na maulit :)

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Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
- Wu Tang Clan
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You might as well be dead. Seriously, if you always put limits on what you can do, physically or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level.
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